Who do I contact when my water is not working?

Image of a warning light
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Sometimes your water stops for no reason any time of day or night.  Inspiration for this article is that I have just tried to start the washing machine and found a new light that I have never seen before on my machine of a flashing tap!

Click here to find your local water company.

Once you find your area, call the number listed.

You will be taken through a series of options that direct you to giving your postcode.  If you are happy to hear a recorded message, say your post code and wait to hear the message. If not, don’t say anything and you will get through to an advisor.  You will also be given the option to have a call back.

You may also find that your child’s school will get in contact to request that you collect your child from school as they have no water supply!  Oh well, a nice afternoon on the sofa it is!