What is a houseboat

Image of a houseboat on the river
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What is a houseboat

A houseboat is any type of boat that is designed or modified to be used as a home.

Not all houseboats are motorised.  Most houseboats are kept stationary and kept at a fixed point.

Houseboats are becoming quite the trend due to the costs associated with purchasing a property.  The cost of living has also prompted some people to think outside the box and buy a boat instead of a property.

You can secure a marine mortgage with a deposit or you can buy one with savings or a loan from Mum and Dad (if possible!).

There are many different types of boats that can be turned into a home:

Houseboat.  A vessel with a structure, no engine and it stays static in its mooring.

Narrow boat.  Named after its seven feet wide and up to 70 feet long size.

Barge.  A converted commercial vessel that can be as much as 50ft long and 12ft wide.

Cruiser.  A fishing vessel, lifeboat or ferry.


Motor Fishing Vehicle.  A large sized vessel ideal for a home.  They are unable to cruise inland waterways.

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