What is a Fire Blanket used for

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What is a Fire Blanket used for

Used to smother small fires, the material is usually made of fibreglass, kevlar or wool.  This is an essential must-have safety item for every property that can be really useful, particularly when used with a pan fire. You must, however, take care with hot oil as it can easily catch fire.  So what is a fire blanket used for?

A modern fire blanket fulfils an incredibly important and essential role in any fire fighting strategy.  It extinguishes a fire by forming an airtight seal that smothers the fire, cutting off its essential supply of oxygen.  Manufactured from high-performance textiles these are flexible, thermal coefficient as well as vapour barriers for gases.

What is a fire blanket

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This flat-pack fire blanket is Amazons best selling and amazing value for money blanket.  It is the perfect fire safety product for kitchen fires involving incidents with items such as chip pan fires or other fat-related fires.  These are historically associated with tackling chip pan fires, but the fire fighting versatility of this product is becoming increasingly recognised by fire safety professionals.  Suitable for frying pan fires as well as clothing/waste bin fires. BSI Kitemark. TUV Approved. BS EN 1869: 1997 Approved.

How to tackle a pan fire
  1. Turn off the heat.
  2. Hold the blanket appropriately so that your hands are protected behind it.
  3. Cover the pan.
  4. Leave the blanket for at least thirty minutes.

If the fire gets out of control, leave the area, dial 999 and don’t go back in.

A good place to keep a Fire Blanket is in the kitchen together with a fire extinguisher.

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