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Pest Control

At any time of year most animals look for somewhere warm to sleep when the days are colder and venture out for something to eat when the weather warms up.  This is where you may need some form of pest control assistance.

Once any pest gets access to your home or surrounding property, they can be a nightmare to get rid of.  A big part of reducing unwanted pests is keeping your property free from clutter, keeping cooking areas clean and tidy and making sure you regularly check your property for areas where pests can get access.

Of course help is at hand from your local council if your problem is more severe but if nipped in the bud quite early, most issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively.  For more severe cases of pest control, you can find your local council or click here.  Once you find your local council, ask to speak to your local Environmental Officer, they will be able to offer you help and guidance.

Over the years we have tackled quite a few pest control issues.  In association with PRHenryBuilder, we have compiled quite a few tried and tested guides to navigate many pest control situations with ease.

From foxes, to mice, bedbugs to carpet beetles, bats to spiders and wasps, we have seen it all and most can be tackled quite simply without the huge cost of arranging for a pest control company to handle the situation.

If you want to have a go at tackling the problem yourself, we have compiled tried and tested guides to help you on your way.  Just click on the table below to find a solution to your issue.

Pest Control Guides:


Bed Bugs



Carpet Beetles