What is a Monthly Expenditure Form?

Image of monthly expenditure form
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A monthly expenditure form is a useful tool to work out how much your outgoings are in any given month.  You may be asked to fill out one of these forms when applying for a mortgage or when remortgaging your home or for additional borrowing.

You can also use this type of form to keep a record of how much you spend whilst out shopping.  Keep it up to date.

Be truthful with it and you will realise just how much you actually spend.

Mortgage £
Rent £
Ground rent £
Service charge £
Childcare/nursery fees/school fees £
Maintenance for dependants £
Pension £
Insurances £
Savings and investments £
Buildings/contents insurance £
Hire purchase/rental agreements £
Loans £
Credit/store cards £
Council tax £
Gas/Electricity £
Water Supplier £
TV licence £
Groceries/toiletries/washing £
Rent £
Household goods/repairs £
Telephone/mobile £
Vehicle insurance £
Vehicle tax £
Vehicle fuel £
Vehicle Servicing £
Parking £
Travel (fares/season ticket) £
Hairdresser/Clothing £
Entertainment/recreation £
Alcohol/tobacco £
Subscriptions (newspapers/magazines) £
Holidays £
Lottery £
Other monthly outgoings £
Total £