How to get rid of wasp nests

How to get rid of wasp nests - Home Guide Expert
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How to get rid of wasp nests

If you find a wasp nest inside your home or in your outside space, there are many ways to eradicate them.  Wasps can sting multiple times and will attack if you get too close.  So, how to get rid of wasp nests.

When you treat a nest, leave it where it is for at least three days before removing it so that any returning wasps are also eradicated.

When dealing with any wasp nest (in the roof/attic, garden, behind guttering, behind an air brick or around dormer windows where the main roof and the dormer meet) you should always put on a protective suit, gloves and a face mask.

Follow our guide:

  1. The best time of day to use this method is in the evening when wasps are not so active.  Do take care not to disturb the colony and do not return to the nest until all wasp activity has ceased.
  2. Put on a protective suit, gloves and face mask.
  3. Always use a powder duster so that you can reach into small crevices and cracks and hard to reach areas.  When using a powder duster, you have to hold it at an angle in order for the powder to go down the tube.
  4. Using wasp/nest killer powder, place the powder inside the powder duster.
  5. Apply the powder to the nest covering as much of the nest as possible.
  6. Leave the area immediately.
  7. Check the area in a day or two.  If wasps still active, repeat the procedure and leave the area immediately.  Keeping doing this until you have killed off the nest
  8. Once the nest is safe to remove, ensure you are wearing your protective clothing when you remove it.  Dispose of it carefully.
  9. You can now follow this guide to cover your air bricks all-around your property to stop them getting in.
  10. You can also fill in any cracks and holes throughout your home using resin bond and an applicator gun (for instructions click here).

How to use a powder duster

We hope you found our how to get rid of wasp nests guide helpful.

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