How to book a Building Control site visit

How to book a building control site visit - Home Guide Expert
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How to book a Building Control Site Visit

When you are building a structure that requires building control, the process is quite simple when booking a building control site visit.  So, how to book a building control site visit?

At specific stages of any property that is being renovated, building control site visits are necessary to ensure that all is going to plan.  You can have a private company arrange your building control site visits or contact your local authority to book them directly yourself.

Follow our guide:

  1. Contact your local authority here.
  2. Using the search bar within your local authorities website, type the words “building control“.
  3. Click “book a site visit”. (If you are doing this for the first time, you will need to register with the local authority on the website, then repeat the steps above).
  4. Enter your property details.
  5. Confirm the reason for the site visit
  6. Select which date you want the visit.

Click here for guidance on how to apply for Building Control

Click here for guidance on how to manage a build with building control

Did not get planning permission or Building Control for your build?

If you did not get planning permission for your build and/or did not have building control site visits throughout your build, watch the video below for guidance on what you can do:

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