What is a Fire extinguisher?

Image of fire extinguisher
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When buying a multi purpose Fire Extinguisher for your home, keep the instructions in a handy place (preferably next to the extinguisher) so if there’s a fire, you know how to work it.

Before even attempting to use one in the event of a fire, you must evacuate the area immediately, dial 999 and then situate yourself in a place where you can get out if you need to with an unrestricted escape route.  Do not tackle the fire if there are gas cylinders nearby.

Whilst in a crouching position follow the instructions carefully ensuring the fire is completely extinguished.

If at any point the fire become uncontrollable, get out.

On your way out, try to close windows and doors behind you and if you can turn off the gas supply.  If gas is involved, do not use an extinguisher to put it out.