Everything you need to know when you move into your new home

Everything you need to know when you move into your new home - Home Guide Expert
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Everything you need to know when you move into your new home

When we make that purchase and finally move in, there is no guide or handbook to help you with your new property.  This everything you need to know when you move into your new home guide will definitely make your life easier on moving day!

Let’s help you make life a little easier with a checklist.

  • Change the locks.
  • Locate your Gas meter (and supplier) and take/submit a reading.
  • Locate your Electricity meter (and supplier), take/submit a reading.
  • Locate your water meter (if there is one), to find out who supplies your water, get in contact and submit a meter reading.
  • Locate your stop cock.  This is usually found underneath the kitchen sink or under the stairs or it could be by the front door (under the floor).  If you have moved into a flat or apartment, it may be in a communal area (ask your neighbours or freeholder).  If you can’t find it, call the seller and ask them.
  • Check there are no leaks in the bathroom/kitchen under the sink.
  • Get a second set of keys cut for front and back doors and windows.
  • Contact your freeholder (if you have purchased a leasehold property) and get a copy of your buildings insurance policy.
  • Have the boiler serviced (check if there is any paperwork with the appliance).
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector  Place it next to your boiler.
  • Install a smoke alarm.
  • If you have a dog or cat, check that the garden doesn’t contain poisonous plants.
  • Register your move with your local authority (provide details of old address and the new one (if not done so already)).  If you are a single person you should receive a 25% discount.

If you have not done this already, use this handy table to inform people and companies of your move:

Entity Date
Friends and family
Home Insurance Companies
Bank/Building Society
Credit Card Companies
HMRC (Inland Revenue)
Your Employer
Post Office (if re-directing post)
Electricity Supplier
Gas Supplier
Water Supplier
Council Tax
Satellite and internet providers
Mobile/Landline provider
TV Licensing
Pension Company
Credit card company
Pension Companies
Vehicle Insurance Companies
Vehicle Registration
AA/RAC/Breakdown company
Subscriptions (magazine etc)
Milk Man
Gym/Sports Club


We hope you found our everything you need to know when you move into your new home guide helpful.

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Everything you need to know when you move into your new home

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