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Case Studies

We have helped many people deal with consumer issues as well as more serious issues in relation to subsidence.  Our case studies show that even when you are rejected, you should still pursue a complaint to try to resolve an issue.

When in doubt, always write a letter of complaint to the company.  You will more than likely get much more success this way.

For further free guidance on how to deal with a specific complaint, click here or head to our contact page and send us a message.

We can offer great guidance and in some cases, we can give you a direct email address to help you with your complaint for a small fee.

Retailer/Consumers Issues:

Mr & Mrs H purchased lounge furniture from a well-known retailer but did not take out their insurance.  Crucially, at the time of purchase, the couple were not informed that the furniture was only part leather.  The couple were initially happy with their purchase, however, after a short period of time (less than a year) the furniture developed a few tears in places, in particular in the seams.  The couple notified the retailer and a representative was dispatched to view the furniture.  The representative advised that they were not covered because they should have taken out insurance for wear and tear and mechanical breakdown.  They were also not offered a replacement because the retailer had also stopped trading.  They were offered a paltry sum for their inconvenience.  The couple then got in contact with us. We wrote to the retailer setting out the issue and an offer was made to the couple for the full refund amount.

This is a message from the couple: “Thanks to the Home Guide Expert they negotiated a settlement of a full refund of our purchase. We would truly recommend this avenue as we have never seen such a quick, accurate response to an ongoing problem.”

Mr Q bought a used vehicle and purchased a warranty policy.  Within the first year, the vehicle broke down.  Mr Q took it to a well-known company and was fobbed off. Mr Q then got in contact with us.  We wrote to the company setting out the issue and an offer was made to have the vehicle repaired free of charge together with an offer of compensation.

This is a message from Mr Q: Within a week I was receiving apology letters from every management level of the company and they were even discussing compensation.  Within two weeks of alerting the Home Guide Expert, I received compensation and my vehicle repaired.  It was a wonderful feeling and one that I did not expect.”

Mr K had an issue with a well-known satellite TV provider.  Mr K was being charged for satellite TV although he was not receiving the service.  Mr K complained to the company and the company ignored the issue for months.  Mr K then got in contact with us.  We wrote to the company setting out the issue.  The amount that Mr K owed the company was written off and an apology letter was sent.  This one of our case studies was quite interesting, because it was only when we contacted the CEO of the provider that the complaint was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This is a message from Mr K: When I had an issue with ***, I used the Home Guide Expert to resolve the issue and was saved a lot of money and time, by their swift and successful actions.  It was an issue that could have dragged on and been a real headache.  Thankfully they helped diffuse a potential problem. Great service.”

Miss D had a problem with a well-known satellite TV provider.  Miss D was not receiving the correct service and it had stopped working.  An engineer was dispatched but the service continued to be fraught with problems.  Miss D then got in contact with us.  We wrote to the company setting out the issue.  Miss D was then offered six months of free viewing and the intermittent service issue was resolved.

Mrs M had a problem with a well-known retailer in relation to her washing machine. Mrs M complained to the company and with our help managed to have the machine replaced with a brand new one even though the original machine was 18 months old and out of warranty.

Managing Agent issues:

Mr P had an issue with his managing agent.  The agent was charging extortionate amounts for repairs including over £1,000 for a replacement roof on a small external building and a ridiculous sum for repairing a water tap.  The agent was also charging the rest of the leaseholders for electronic gates that kept malfunctioning.  Mr P raised a complaint with the Managing Agent which was ignored.  Mr P then got in contact with us. We wrote to the company setting out the issue and went with Mr P for formal meetings with the company. Mr P was then offered a reduction on his service charge and all of the residents were reimbursed for the charges in relation to the faulty gates.  This was one of our case studies that went on for some time (a few months), but the outcome was worth it.

Subsidence issues:

Mrs D had an issue with a tree outside her home that she suspected was causing subsidence to her property.  The tree was located on a public footway so her local council should be dealing with it.  Many of the residents wrote to the local council advising them of the tree and their concerns a year before.  The council ignored it. One year on and Mrs D had severe cracks appearing all over the front and middle of her property.  At a loss, Mrs D got in contact with us.  We wrote to the council and demanded that they respond to Mrs D.  We canvassed the street and collected evidence to show that other residents had concerns too.  The council accepted responsibility and within six weeks, the offending tree was removed. Unfortunately, Mrs D then had to suffer a year of monitoring and buildings works to put the damage right but Mrs D did get her £1000 excess back plus £500 compensation.  This was one of our case studies that went on for some time (over a year) a few years back and we are happy to say that Mrs D is enjoying her property again.

We hope you found our Case Studies helpful.

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