How can I reduce my bills?

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How can I reduce my bills?

Gas and electricity:

Some of us are paying too much for our gas and electricity.  In order to get the costs of these down, you must find out what you are physically using per year by your current supplier.  Using this information, you then search the internet for a cheaper provider.  Do not be fooled.  Just because you have been with a well known provider for many years, it does not mean that a newer and less well known provider will give you a better or worse service.  It is the cost that counts!  We have switched over five times and we have never suffered a prolonged break in supply for any long periods of time from any of them. To find out how to get these bills down, follow our guide here.

Water supply:

Unbelievably some of us are being charged far more than others.  For example, I used to live in a one bedroomed flat with my husband and baby.  I was paying £30 per month.

We then moved to a three bedroomed semi detached property and the same water company was trying to charge us £45 per month!

We called them and TOLD them that there was no way we would be paying more than the £30 we were previously paying.  We had not added any further family members so we should not be using more water.

The water bill was reduced to £30 a month and we did not need to complain in writing to the company.  It can be as simple as that.

Council Tax:

Do you know whether you are in the correct band?  To find your band click here. Once you have found which band you are in, you will find an area where you can click “do you think this Council Tax band is wrong”.  You will then find a link to contact the Valuation Office Agency.

Food Shopping:

We buy ours online most weeks and never stay with the same supermarket.

If we need washing powder and softener for example, we will check a few supermarkets to see which ones has the offers on.  You may think this is time consuming, but personally, we safe hundreds of pounds every couple of months doing this.

Never be lured into buying 2 for a fiver when you only need one and you know the other one will go out of date before you finish the first one!  We used to do this and wasted so much, we would throw at least one bag of shopping out every two weeks!

Don’t forget some supermarkets will give you money back on named brands.


We used to be with a well known satellite provider but paying £80 per month (for us) was a complete waste.  If this is something you just cannot compromise on, give your current provider a call and see if you can get money off.  If they say no, ask for their cancellation department but beware, you may be put through a retention department but hold firm, they will not want you to leave.

Credit cards:

Pay them off!  If this is not possible, shift them to 0% and regularly pay over the minimum to get rid of the debt.


If you are struggling paying your mortgage, always contact your mortgage provider and let them know.  They may be able to help you.  If you want to reduce your monthly mortgage payments click here.

Online Shopping:

If you need to purchase items, always check cash back sites first to see if you can get paid to shop.  Good sites are Top Cash Back and Quidco.

Follow our guide on how to lower your bills in winter here.