Can I view a property in person during COVID-19

Can I view a property in person during COVID-19 - Home Guide Expert
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Can I view a property in person during COVID-19

If you want to view a property in person during COVID-19, this buyers guide during covid-19 will take you through the process.  If you are buying a property or are a landlord or tenant and not sure of the current guidelines, this will help.  The question most people are asking right now is can I still view and buy and move house during lockdown.  So how to view a property in person during COVID-19.

Follow our guide

  1. Use this postcode checker to find out the alert level and which restrictions apply in the area of the property you wish to view.
  2. Check the guidance on any national restrictions.
  3. If your viewing involves travelling to other parts of England you should check with the appropriate local authorities to determine what local rules may be in force in that area.
  4. Anyone who wants to view a property may do so as long as they follow the current Government guidance.   Any viewings can be achieved by all parties observing hygiene measures and social distancing guidelines.  If anyone involved in the viewing process becomes ill with Covid-19 or has to self-isolate, then all parties must be contacted and the viewing postponed until it can be safely carried out.
  5. Read the latest Government guidance on moving house here.
  6. The key to getting this right is to remain calm, think logically, keep going and try not to get too stressed.  If you are unable to view a property, it also means others can’t.
  7. Keep abreast of the current guidelines and as soon as any regions are opened again, book that viewing in.
  8. If you need coronavirus help in your area, click here.
  9. Landlords can view properties as long as they follow the latest guidelines here.
  10. Tenants can view the latest Gov guidelines here.

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